Ginza as it appeared in the late s s Miniature model at the Edo-Tokyo Museum Ginza in the early s, photographed by William H. Rau Ginza was built upon a former swamp that was filled in during the 16th century. The name Ginza comes after the establishment of a silver-coin mint established there in , during the Edo period. Designs for the area were provided by the Irish-born architect Thomas Waters ; [1] the Bureau of Construction of the Ministry of Finance was in charge of construction. These “bricktown” buildings were initially offered for sale and later were leased, but the high rent prevented many of them from being permanently occupied. Moreover, the construction was not adapted to the climate, and the bold design contrasted the traditional Japanese notion of home construction. Ironically, the new Ginza was not popular with visiting foreigners, who were looking for a more Edo-styled city. Isabella Bird visited in and in implied that Ginza was less like an Oriental city than like the outskirts of Chicago or Melbourne. Philip Terry, the English writer of tour guides, likened it to Broadway, not in a positive sense. The area was also known for its window displays, an example of modern marketing techniques.

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New food and recipes Dashi and tofu ingredients used for cooking. Kake udon, kitsune udon, kake soba, kitsune soba. New clothes and accessories White tennis shoes with red stripes Fashion Store.

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Web page for the Meiji-jingu temple 2. Here you will see everything from goths, punks, hipsters, and lolitas. You will also find some great art museums in this area. Lunch at The Great Burger By now you might be hungry, and if you fancy a burger you can take a little walking-detour over to our favourite burger place in Tokyo — The Great Burger. Ura-Harajuku area From Omotesando street, stroll down through the cosy alleys in the Ura-Harajuku district, filled with cool small shops.

The area is famous for its many small independent designers shops as well as vintage shops.

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Things to do in Tokyo For Golden Week March 1, Golden week is the longest public holiday in Japan, and many residents make a trip abroad, or to a tourist area like Kyoto over the break. Trains and airports can be crowded, and the traffic into any area worth a visit is going to be heavy at best, standstill at worst. If you have not booked well in advance you are probably not going to get one during Golden Week.

Movies It may come as something of a surprise, but there is nothing more traditional to do during Golden Week than to visit the cinema. Most theaters are open for business so pick something and go! Spring Grand Festival Many of us, having just escaped the office, will want to get out and about and enjoy the spring sunshine outdoors! Constitutional Memorial Day is the one day of the year that the general public can wander both wings.

It is among the top best landscapes of Japan, and the Michelin Guide has rated it as a 3 star destination. Despite its famous natural beauty, Mt. Takao is easily reached by public transportation from Tokyo, making it a nearly ideal for a quick mountain getaway. You can hike to the top, or ride the cable car up to enjoy some great views of Mount Fuji. Takao with the Mino Quasi-national Park all the way down in Osaka, and is home to over varieties of wildlife.

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Tokyo Midtown. Tokyo Midtown is the challenge to Roppongi Hills’ dominance of the Roppongi area.. Situated on Gaien-higashi-dori Boulevard, Tokyo Midtown is a six-building complex on ten hectares of land, dominated by the massive Tokyo Midtown Tower.

Sunday and Tuesday felt busy, but absolutely manageable. We got to the gates about 5 minutes past rope drop on Sunday and about 15 minutes prior to rope drop on Tuesday and were able to accomplish a tone of things, far more than I expected based on reading about the crowds in the parks. On Monday morning, we were extremely tired, so we took a risk and slept in.

On a 54 crowd level day, we got to the park at The highest wait times were only about an hour. We already felt like we had amazing luck on our side, and the evening just continued this feeling. Just after Dreamlights, we found that lines were short almost everywhere, including Hunny Hunt, which we were able to ride twice. We experienced 9 attractions in the last 90 minutes that the park was open, leaving only Space and Splash Mountain on our must do list for the next morning.

I know this is a long comment… thanks again for all of the wonderful information that you provide on this site! Reply Jay February 12, Thank you! I wanted to visit for Halloween and this has now cemented the decision to go early September 5th-9th I reckon.

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We have a 3yr old toddler traveling with us. Do you recommend we return to the airport the next morning to make the trip into Tokyo on the NEX? Or just head into the city the night we arrive? My personal preference is to get into the city and get settled.

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Shibuya Tokyo in a word: Chance of Hooking up: Overview While it may sound like romanticism, Tokyo is a koan in motion. And yet, through all the people, energy, and noise, the city is interspersed with moments of silence, serenity, and zen. The Girls Looks and Personality: Given that Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, it also has the highest concentrations of attractive women in the world.

Many girls from outside of Tokyo will also have vacations in the city at various times of the year. Physically, Japanese women are not as curvaceous and voluptuous as women in other parts of the world, but they take great care in their appearance and the overwhelming majority are thin. They show off their legs at any time of the year even in the depths of winter. The Japanese even have a phrase for it: Make sure you hit those honne buttons!

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Since the early s, Yang Fudong has been examining the complexities of contemporary Chinese society from a symbolic, detached perspective through his art form. Formally trained as a painter, Fudong has developed an extensive body of work comprised of videos, films, installations and photographs; consistently creating a visual language enveloped in a dream-like mystery. Favouring multi-screen video projections, Fudong creates an experience that immerses the viewer.

His characters, deliberately silent and disembodied, move according to choreographed gestures, always managing to transport the viewer into an aesthetically perfect environment. Often drawing stylistically on different periods in Chinese and Western cinema — as well as taking inspiration from Shanghai in the s, and the landscape tradition rooted in Chinese art history — Fudong creates open-ended, existential narratives that interweave quotidian ritual with dream-like states.

With a consciously romantic framework that is simultaneously contemporary and out-of-date, Fudong examines China through the eyes of young urban intellectuals as they grapple with their place in the modern world. The resulting timeless stories plunge viewers into an otherworldly, nostalgic atmosphere in which a generation that exists between modernity and tradition explores and questions the world.

The Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo invites the public to discover this now major figure in Chinese contemporary art and cinema, through the presentation of a poetic work, The Coloured Sky: Filmed in slow-motion against sounds of laughter, sighs, ocean rumbles and cricket song, they play a game of seduction. Five screens depict images of the sun, the sea, the beach, games, food and references to Western art interspersed with the appearances of a horse and a stag.

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In , due to the need for space as the city grew, the government decided to relocate Yoshiwara and plans were made to move the district to its present location north of Asakusa on the outskirts of the city. The old Yoshiwara district burned down along with much of the city in the Great fire of Meireki of ; it was rebuilt in the new location, when it was renamed Shin Yoshiwara New Yoshiwara , the old location being called Moto Yoshiwara Original Yoshiwara ; eventually the “Shin” was dropped, and the new district became known simply as Yoshiwara.

The area had over 9, women in , many of whom suffered from syphilis. If she was lucky, she would become an apprentice to a high-ranking courtesan. When the girl was old enough and had completed her training, she would become a courtesan herself and work her way up the ranks. The young women often had a contract to the brothel for only about five to ten years, but massive debt sometimes kept them in the brothels their entire lives.

One way a woman could get out of Yoshiwara was for a rich man to buy her contract from the brothel and keep her as his wife or concubine. Another would be if she managed to be successful enough that she was able to buy her own freedom. This did not occur very often, though. Many women died of sexually transmitted diseases or from failed abortions before completing their contracts. In these cases, the advanced payments their parents received could be used to fund her dowry.

There was no stigma against marrying a former prostitute. A commoner with enough money would be served as an equal to a samurai. Though samurai were discouraged from entering the Yoshiwara area, they often did so.

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

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Embassy building right , Japanese police station left. The address is , Akasaka, Minato-ku Post Code: Gyokusen-ji is also the location of a small number of foreign graves dating from as early as marking the final resting place of US forces personnel that died while serving as part of Commodore Matthew Perry ‘s ‘Black Ship’ fleet.

This legation was located at Zenpukuji , a Buddhist temple in the Motoazabu neighborhood of southern Tokyo. In , the legation was moved to a site on the Sumida River near Tsukiji , in an area slated as a district for foreigners outside the employ of the Japanese government; this site is now occupied by the St. The legation moved to the current embassy site in Several European powers did so at the same time, indicating a perception of equality between Japan and the major Western powers.

Embassy was closed shortly following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 8, Its American employees including military attaches were interned on the embassy grounds until June , when they were sent by ship to Portuguese East Africa and handed over for repatriation. Embassy remained closed during the Allied occupation , as the U.

Following restoration of diplomatic relations under the Treaty of San Francisco , the U. Embassy reopened on April 28, Murphy arrived to serve as the American ambassador. In , it was reported that the US government had made no payments for the embassy’s premises since after failing to agree on a renewal of the lease agreement.

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