By Kate Pullen Vintage Seiko watches There are many different types of old Seiko watches, several of which hold a special place in watch making history. Seiko watches have a long and interesting history. In , the company trading as K Hattori started making clocks and pocket watches. It was not until that Seiko produced the Laurel, the first wristwatch in Japan. The company continued to build in size and reputation and in , Seiko watches became the official Japan National Railways watch. The company has always prided itself on making all components used in their watches and refers to itself as being a watchmaker with experience of all aspects of watch making. This long watch making past means that there are several old Seiko watches that have signified key developments in watch making history.

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Those symbols, and the year s to which they correspond, are shown below. The decade must be determined by the style of the case, dial, and hands. For example, a s style watch with an arrow symbol on the movement dates the movement to Movements dating prior to approx. Thus, the presence or absence of a movement serial number, in conjunction with the date symbol on the movement, also helps narrow down the date.

Occassionally, a movement will not have a date code, and movement codes are not seen prior to

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Hattori , in Suwa, Nagano , Japan. Daiwa Kogyo was supported by an investment from the Hattori family founder of the Seiko Group and began as a manufacturer of watch parts for Daini Seikosha currently Seiko Instruments. The company has developed many timepiece technologies. In particular, it developed the world’s first portable quartz timer Seiko QC in , the world’s first quartz watch Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ in , the first automatic power generating quartz watch Seiko Auto-Quartz in and the Spring Drive watch movement in When the Seiko Group was selected to be the official time keeper for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, a printing timer was required to time events, and Shinshu Seiki started developing an electronic printer.

In June , the name Epson was coined for the next generation of printers based on the EP which was released to the public. SON of Electronic Printer. After two years of further development, an improved model, the MX MP , was launched in October They also had two hard drives. In Epson started the Epson Weekend Warrior sales program. The purpose of the program was to help improve sales, improve retail sales reps’ knowledge of Epson products and to address Epson customer service in a retail environment.

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The first watches produced under the Seiko brand appeared in In , Seiko introduced the Astron , the world’s first production quartz watch ; when it was introduced, it cost the same as a medium-sized car. Seiko later went on to introduce the first quartz chronograph. In the late s, Seiko produced the first Kinetic watch that combined the self-energizing attributes of an automatic watch with quartz accuracy.

To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriter’s serial number, start by choosing the brand from the select box below.

To narrow down the decade you might judge by the case number. One tip for guessing decade is if the serial is 7 digit, it was probably made 67 or earlier whereas 6 digits would be 68 or later. The following image shows a typical model number, case code and serial number. In this case the serial number is This means the watch was made in the first 6 in April the number 4. Of course the year could be 66, 86, 96 or even This is where knowing the different model and case styles helps.

The marking also confirms the model number as with a case type of How do you find out how old a seiko is by serial numbers. The serial number indicates. The Seiko serial and movement number decoder This page is moving, Enter the serial number and movement from your seiko watch in the boxes below. Watch Registration Join the Seiko Nation. By registering your watch, you will be the first to know about upcoming product launches, news and events.

Seiko Watch Corporation has been designing and manufacturing quality watches since

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Is your Seiko Kinetic watch failing to charge as it should? Does your Seiko Kinetic watch stop during the night? Does your power reserve indicator only show ‘5’ or ’10’ seconds of charge, no matter how much you ‘shake’ or ‘swing’ the watch to charge the capacitor? Is your second hand ‘stepping’ two-seconds, indicating a low charge? Have you already had a Seiko Kinetic watch repair only to have the original problem come back in a few weeks or months?

Seiko Coutura collection combines sports aesthetic with fashion ambitions, resulting in sharp, characteristic timepieces. Seiko Sportura are the company’s most adrenaline infused and explosive looking watches. Seiko Premier is the watchmaker’s dressy and fashionable collection.

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Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase. Serial Number All modern Seiko watches have the date of manufacture contained in the 6 digit Serial number. Exceptions are pre models when the numbers were 7 digits long, and limited edition models may have a number reflecting it’s piece number e.

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Have you ever wondered when your watch rolled off the assembly line at the factory? In other words, when was it manufactured? Questions relating to the production date of Seikos frequently pop up in various watch forums from time to time.

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It is a small sky. A device for the measure of shadows. In my opinion the combination of elegance and simplicity of Seiko steel watches of this era are unsurpassed. Design, case quality, hands, indices and dials are of very high across the range of Seikos from Grand Seiko to the mid-level Seikomatics, Sportsmatics etc. Searching for these pieces on eBay is easy, as Seiko began using 4 digit movement numbers in the 60s, with the 3rd digit representing the grade of movement a 39j being a higher grade than a 30j while the 4th digit indicates the display: In the mid 60s Seiko Suwa developed the 66xx series, which includes the Sportsmatic and Sportman in my collection shown below.

With respect to movement quality I have seen these refered to as upper-middle, and they do have a relatively high jewel count. Seikomatic Slimdate 4D Snap caseback Landmark slimline self-winding watch, calendar. Seiko’s own early-haul system Patent No. I understand this caliber uses a more complicated and efficient roller clutch in the winding gear train, rather than the simpler “magic lever” system.


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This Seiko Divers Reference is here for archive purposes. I updated this document on and off based on the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum discussions until about , but since then the information here related to Seiko divers has not changed, so many of the facts and data presented may not be up to date and should not be considered definitive.

This watch utilizes a special Electrophoretic Display, the kind of Especially when the watch is used at a low temperature, the switching speed may become even slower. Built-in antenna An antenna for radio wave Example: Style Selection Mode reception is embedded Built-in light button Page 6 How to check the settings of the watch Miscellaneous information display How to display the seconds The Miscellaneous Information Display allows you to check at a glance the various In the time display, press the BACK button to display the seconds.

This watch automatically receives a radio signal at 2: You can check the details of the latest radio wave reception.

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